About us

This is not us "ACTING" like this is an Initial D ripoff. 

No, this in fact is VERY REAL! For 3 generations, my family has braved the Troodos mountain passes to deliver goods and services when the roads were originally just one lane and had no asphalt! And after all the time spent on the touge, it's like the mountain has become our friend.  And that's where our love for extreme mountain driving stems from.

Initial Auto is about sharing our passion for driving with the world!  With driving skills forged while delivering goods on the dangerous mountain roads of Cyprus so that we can maximize the fun in driving, we share our life with the world for people that simply love driving!  So whether you are a JDM fanatic, drag race American muscle or can barely ride a bicycle, we have content and items for everyone!


 You can contact us at initialautoteam@gmail.com or call us directly at +35799684237 for any collaborations or information on our products and services.